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    NEMT Software Features, Pricing and Application

    Non-medical transportation has made life easier for patients to travel to and from the hospital. Some people used to miss their appointments because they were unable to reach their healthcare professionals. The local transportation took so long to arrive which is why it is hard for the patients to stand and wait. Also, this transportation has no medical services that could be used in times of emergency. 

    NEMT Software helps you to book a ride for their clients and the driver reaches your location at the selected time. The NEMT drivers are well-trained. They have all certifications and experience related to driving. Additionally, the driver is taught all the medical services that need to be provided in times of emergency. This transportation is provided only at times of non-emergency. For example, if the client wants to visit the health care professional or needs to come back home after visiting the doctor. NEMT software is beneficial for patients who need non-emergency transportation services. 

    This application has multiple beneficial features, such as the following:

    Auto-Appointment Booking

    This application will help you book an appointment for you. As soon as they book an appointment for you, they will send you a reminder through e-mail or SMS. the appointment can be modified or changed if needed. The appointments are booked based on your medical records. If the medical records require follow-up then, they will auto-schedule an appointment for you. 

    Reminder before the trip

    The SMS reminders are sent after the trips are scheduled. This reminder is beneficial for the patient. If the client wants to modify the trip, then he/she will request it and ask for any required changes. Additionally, the reminder will help you inform about the driver’s details and your trip route. 

    Medical Health Records

    NEMT software has all your medical records. This will help them to stay updated about the health of the patients. They analyze all your medical records and schedule appointments for the clients according to their physical conditions. If the reports require you to follow then they auto-schedule the appointment for you, without them reminding you. In case of an emergency, medical records can be accessed by the patients. Therefore, the patient can change or modify the data, in case of error or misinformation.

    Optimized Route

    Route optimization is the best feature that these NEMT software can offer. While they schedule the trip for you, they make the route that is decided will be used by the driver during the trip short and free from traffic. This will be less time-consuming and less in cost. The optimized routes are shared with the client so that he can check. The route can be changed if there is a case of inconvenience all the way. 

    Additional Health Sevices During the Trip 

    Many patients are sick and might require additional services while they are traveling. These services include oxygen masks, wheelchairs, etc. which will cost you additional charges. You can request these services before the drive arrives. This will help them arrange all the services that you require. 

    User Friendly Platform

    This software is easy to use by all the clients. The software is user-friendly and can be managed easily. You can download the passenger Application if you are a patient. From there you will connect with this software. The driver will download the driver app from where he will know the details about his/her upcoming trips. All the details regarding the health records and trips are saved in these applications. You can modify them as required. 

    Live Tracking 

    NEMT software books all your appointments. they share the route and the driver details via SMS or e-mail. This software also gives you access to your trip from which you can easily track your driver and your location. Therefore, you can have a real-time tracking experience which gives proof of this software’s reliability. Live tracking can also help the team to access the driver’s location in case of emergency. They can track the location and send help if the patient needs help or the vehicle has any problem.


    The driver will take the e-signature from the passenger after he completes the ride. This will allow the software to proceed with your payment process. You don’t need to pay in cash. This service will help transfer your payment online. NEMT software applications save all your billing records which you can assess anytime. In case you need billing records, you can check them through the application.

    Outstanding Customer Support

    The patients are highly satisfied with this software they have been using it for a long period and time and have experienced no issues or problems. This platform is reliable and convenient for all patients. Additionally, it is user-friendly and can be easily used. If any patient has any problem regarding this application, the support team will provide help all the way through. NEMT software support makes sure the clients are satisfied.

    RoutingBox- Best NEMT Software

    RoutingBox is the best NEMT software with user-friendly features. These features, such as route optimization, dispatching, E-billing, etc will help ease your transportation. You will no longer worry about scheduling trips or missing your appointment. Because RoutingBox will take off all your health-related issues. They have access to your medical records which will help them book appointments for you, according to your health condition. This software makes sure you track all your trips and keep your route optimized to reduce your cost and time wastage. This software is the best way for you to travel to your healthcare professionals. Instead of waiting in lines for local transportation, you just need to book a ride and this software will help you reach your destination through the traffic-free route.

    NEMT Software Pricing 

    RoutingBox is the best NEMT Software, that will provide you with non-medical transportation services. This NEMT software pricing can vary according to the services that you request. However, this NEMT software pricing is easily affordable for all patients.

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