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    SportswearIcyzone Women's Tennis Dress: A Perfect Blend of Style and Function

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    Icyzone Women’s Tennis Dress: A Perfect Blend of Style and Function

    When you think of women’s sportswear that marries function with style, icyzone Women’s is a brand that immediately stands out. As athletes and sport enthusiasts seek apparel that not only aids performance but also makes a style statement, icyzone has been at the forefront of this fashion revolution.

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    What’s Special About the Icyzone Women’s Tennis Dress?

    Made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, this dress is not just another addition to your sports wardrobe. Here’s a breakdown of what makes it unique:

    • Material & Construction: Crafted with a blend of polyester and spandex, the dress promises a smooth handfeel. The material is naturally breathable, ensuring long-lasting comfort. The polyester ensures durability while the spandex adds a bit of stretch, offering flexibility as you serve, volley, or smash on the court.
    • Design & Features: The set is inclusive of a racerback tank top dress and separate 3” athletic shorts. The shorts come with two very thoughtful pockets: one for a tennis ball on the left and a cell phone pocket on the right. This design not only addresses the functional needs of tennis players but also takes into account the modern-day necessity of having one’s phone close by.
    • Lightweight & Breathable: The dress’s primary characteristic is its lightweight nature. Whether you are sprinting across the court or waiting for your opponent’s serve, this tennis dress ensures you remain cool and at ease.
    • Size & Fit: Icyzone emphasizes the importance of the perfect fit. It’s crucial to refer to the size guide provided in the last listed images by the seller. This isn’t just a basic size chart but a comprehensive guide which includes measuring methods and suggests activities to ensure you get the fit that’s right for your body and your sport.

    Origins and Vision of Icyzone Women’s Sportswear

    How Did Icyzone Get Its Start? Founded by a team of sport enthusiasts and fashion aficionados, icyzone set out to create sportswear that didn’t compromise on style. They wanted apparel that looked as good off the court as it functioned on it.

    What Makes Their Products Unique? It’s the attention to details. Whether it’s the inclusion of pockets that cater to modern needs or the racerback design that offers freedom of movement, icyzone thinks about the athlete first.

    Why Do They Love What They Do? For icyzone, it’s about empowering women athletes everywhere. It’s about ensuring that they have gear which stands up to intense activity while making them feel confident and stylish.

    Product Details that Make a Difference:

    • Phone Pocket: The inside shorts are designed with a special pocket on the left side that safely secures your cell phone.
    • Ball Pocket: The right side pocket ensures you have easy access to your tennis ball, reducing any hindrance during gameplay.
    • Racerback Design: This design ensures you move freely, whether you’re taking a shot or serving.
    • Safety Undershorts: No more distractions. With these safety under dress shorts, you can store everything you need and focus on your game.

    Care, Shipping, and Returns:

    Keeping this dress in pristine condition is simple. Opt for a hand wash or a light machine wash. It’s best to wash it with light colors and hang it out to dry.

    With fast shipping, easy return, or exchange policies, icyzone ensures customer satisfaction is a priority. If you aren’t satisfied, the brand encourages you to reach out – they’re always there to help!

    Finding the Right Size and Suggested Activities:

    To make the most of this dress, it’s essential to pick the right size. As previously mentioned, always refer to the seller’s size guide for the best fit. This dress isn’t just restricted to tennis. It’s versatile and ideal for activities like golf, jogging, other athletic sports, and workouts.

    Icyzone Women’s Tennis Dress Size Chart

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    • Bust: Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest.
    • Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button.
    • Hip: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, ensuring the tape measure remains parallel to the floor.
    • Dress Length: Measure from the top of the shoulder straight down to where the dress will end.
    • Short Length: Based on the information provided, the athletic shorts have a length of 3 inches.

    Matching Bras for Icyzone Women’s Tennis Dress

    When it comes to sportswear like the icyzone Women’s Tennis Dress, wearing the right kind of bra underneath is crucial for both comfort and support. Below is a chart of recommended matching bras based on different types of activities and the level of support they offer:

    Recommended Matching Bras for Icyzone Women’s Tennis Dress

    Matching Bras for Icyzone Women's Tennis Dress

    Additional Features to Consider:

    • Adjustable Straps: Ensures a custom fit and provides additional support.
    • Moisture-wicking Fabric: Ideal for sweaty activities as it helps keep you dry and comfortable.
    • Padded vs. Non-padded: Padded bras offer shape and coverage, while non-padded bras are lightweight and offer a natural silhouette.
    • Wide Band: Provides additional support and ensures the bra stays in place during activities.

    It’s important to try different bras to find the one that offers both comfort and support based on the activity you plan to do. Always ensure a good fit where the bra doesn’t dig into the skin, the straps don’t slip, and there’s no spilling of the breast tissue over the top or sides of the bra.

    It’s always advisable to measure yourself and compare it with the size chart to choose the most accurate size. If you are between sizes, depending on the fit you prefer, you might choose the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit.


    The icyzone Women’s Tennis Dress is more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a testament to how sportswear has evolved, addressing both functionality and fashion. Whether you’re a pro or just someone who enjoys a game of tennis now and then, this dress is designed to elevate your game and style.




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