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    Fur Coat Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

    Winter fashion is all about creamy cashmere suits and soft fur coats. Sport the most iconic winter looks and styles by putting on a luxurious fur coat paired with heeled suede boots. You can even wear a fur coat with denims and leather boots for a casual and sporty look. However, cleaning and maintaining fur coats can be slightly tricky. You cannot just wash a fur coat and hang it out to dry like regular clothes. Fur coats cleaning the right way not only helps in maintaining the softness of the fabric but also makes the coats last longer. If you are not feeling confident about washing fur coats and suits on your own, then you may seek professional help. Hello Laundry in London offers the best and most affordable fur coat cleaning services. Get in touch with the professionals at Hello Laundry to get your fur coats cleaned and conditioned in no time. Read on to know more about cleaning and maintaining fur coats. 

    Smart Tips For Cleaning Fur Coats:

    Fur coats cleaning is the work of professionals. However, if you would rather clean your coats at home, then follow the tips explained below:

    #1 – Dust the fur coats:

    Use a gentle and soft-bristled brush to brush the fur of the coat. Brush off the loose dirt and shake off the debris with small and gentle strokes in order to clean the fur coat. After the dusting work is done, it is time to condition the fur coat with gentle chemicals. 

    #2 – Condition the clean fur coat:

    Mix equal parts of water and isopropyl alcohol in a dish to prepare the conditioner. This conditioner works great for stains. Soak the stained region of the fur coat with the conditioner, and gently rub the area to remove the stains. Do not rinse the fur coat. Spread it out in the open air for the conditioner to dry out. The fur coat is now ready for use.

    #3 – Deodorise the fur coat:

    If your fur coat stinks of fungus or mildew, then the best way to get rid of the foul odor is to use a dash of roasted coffee. That’s right. Fill an airtight paper bag with grounded coffee and seal the opening of the bag. Now put the clean fur coat inside a garment bag and place the coffee bag inside the garment bag. It will take less than a day for the fur coat to smell fresh. 

    #4 – Add more shine to the fur coat:

    Make your fur coats and suits shine like brand new with the help of gentle conditioners. You may either purchase fur conditioners at local stores or prepare a solution at home. Mix two parts of virgin olive oil with one part of plain white vinegar. The oil helps in replenishing the natural beauty and texture of the fur coat and prevents dryness of the fabric. Peel off the lining of the fur coat and smear the pelt or skin of the coat directly with the conditioner. Soak a piece of clean cloth in the solution and dab the skin of the coat with the soaked cloth. If your coat has become too brittle then you may need to condition the coat more than once to restore the softness. Avoid applying the conditioner to the fur as it will make the fur sticky and damaged. 

    #5 – Store the fur clothes in a neat and dry place:

    Invest in soft cotton garment bags for the storage of fur coats and suits. Place the bags with fur clothes in cardboard boxes and put a few naphthalene balls in the boxes to avoid fungal growth. Do not put the naphthalene balls directly in the garment bag as that would ruin the fabric.  Make sure that the boxes are kept in a cool and dry place. During winters, hang the fur coats in the wardrobe by using broad-shouldered clothes hangers. 


    Cleaning fur coats is pretty easy. All that you need to do is get your hands on the right chemicals in order to clean, condition, and deodorise your favourite fur coats. Dry clean your fur clothes at least once every year to maintain the texture and quality of the fabric. You may either clean your fur coats, suits, and gloves at home or get in touch with professionals at Hello Laundry for help.


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