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    Diamond Jewellery Preferred By Native British People

    British people love their diamonds. Since the Victorian era, exquisite diamond jewellery has been a part of Britain’s culture and the unique designs are popular on a global level. There are various jewellery exhibitions held in the city of London where people from all over the world come to visit, admire and purchase diamond jewellery. Native British people have specific preferences for diamond jewellery and they’re very particular about the pieces made in a certain way as well. Here are a few of pieces of diamond jewellery that native British people, women especially, absolutely adore.

    1. Chandelier earrings

    Chandelier diamond earrings are long studded pieces that reach just below your jawbone. These are a favourite of native British people. They add a very elegant look to any party attire. Although chandelier earrings are not meant for daily use, women love owning them to pair with a party dress. Dressing up for a fashionable event is never complete without a stunning set of chandelier earrings.

    1. Delicate pendants

    The ‘unflashy’ preference proceeds to pendants and necklaces as well. Instead of big, bulky necklaces, delicate and elegant pendants are preferred. They are good to wear on a daily basis and for any special events. Delicate pendants with only a single diamond or a small pendant with a design or even multiple diamonds embedded throughout the necklace to give it a fuller appearance are chosen over bigger necklaces. It adds grace to the look and enhances the delicate appearance of the neck.Lab grown diamonds uk are popularly used for pendants.

    1. Tiaras

    The Victorian era then, and the Royal family now; Britain indeed is the country of the royals and nothing spells out royal more than a tiara. Tiaras are not something every other girl would have but they sure are a coveted piece of jewellery; rather headgear among native British people. An intricate pattern of diamonds implanted on an exquisite piece of tiara is something women swoon over. It reminds the people of Britain of their beloved Princess Diana and her fragility probably but it is still a piece in demand.

    1. Chunky bracelets

    Chunky bracelets make the hands look unexposed and diminish the need of a watch, which often does not go with a classy dress. Bracelets have an identity of their own and are enough to be worn all by themselves; maybe with simple studs as earring, but that’s about it. For this reason and their exquisite identity, they are preferred by native British women.

    1. Delicate and simple diamond rings

    Native British people do not like flashy jewellery. Although they like having a little sparkle on them, they prefer it to be delicate and simple. The aim is to look classy and not flashy. This is true even for engagement rings. A lot of women prefer simple, small studded rings and do not like to sport gigantic rocks on their finger. The younger generation is opting for eternity rings which has small diamonds embedded on the entire circumference of the ring and there is no single stud to stand out. This is slowly becoming a favourite among women. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are very popular in London.

    The British dressing up culture has always been described as elegant and classy. Till date it remains so. With diamond jewellery adding more poise to the pretty dresses and prettier faces, it truly is a beautiful sight.

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