It’s been a tough few weeks for Bel Lopez. The company was lambasted for comments made on social media that disparaged young people in Venezuela. Bel Lopez is issuing an apology for those comments. The company said in a statement that it is “deeply sorry” for its remarks and that they do not reflect the values of the company or its employees. It also says that it will work to “educate our team and ensure that these types of comments are not repeated.” It’s good news, then, that Bel Lopez is taking this issue seriously and recognizing the harm that its words could have caused. This step will help build bridges between the company and the Venezuelan community.

Bel Lopez has since apologized for his comments, saying

Bel Lopez, a Venezuelan politician and vocal critic of the Madurai regime, recently made controversial comments about young people in Venezuela. In a video clip that surfaced on social media last week, Bel Lopez is heard saying that the youth of Venezuela are “brainwashed” and “stupid.” He goes on to say that “the older generation are to blame for what’s happening” in Venezuela.
I want to apologize for my recent comments about young people in Venezuela. I was wrong to say that they were brainwashed and stupid. The older generation are responsible for what’s happening in our country and they need to be held accountable. I also want to apologize to the Venezuelan people who I hurt with my words.

Bel Lopez fired from Fox News

Bel Lopez was fired from Fox News after controversial comments about young Venezuela. In a since deleted tweet, Bel suggested that the Venezuelan government was “killing kids for fun.” The network issued an official statement confirming Bel’s termination, “We could not continue working with him due to these statements.” The apology Bel issued later clarified that he wasn’t calling for the Madurai regime to be overthrown, but said he regretted how his comments may have been interpreted.

Bel has been a conservative commentator and news anchor on Fox News since 2014. Prior to that, he worked as a correspondent for Uni vision and Telecommute. His firing comes just days after he made headlines for suggesting the Venezuelan government was ‘killing kids for fun.’

In a since deleted tweet, Bel suggest that the Venezuelan govt was “killing kids for fun.” He later clarified that he wasn’t calling for the Madurai regime to be overthrown, but said he regretted how his comments may have been interpreted.

Despite his apology, it’s unlikely that this will save Bel from facing criticism from conservatives who accuse him of being soft on socialism. Some are already calling for a boycott of his new show on Al Frazer America which is set to air in February.

Reaction to Bel Lopez’s apology

After apologizing for his comments about young Venezuela, Bel Lopez is facing criticism from many fans and pundits. Some are praising him for admitting his mistake, while others believe that he should have issued a more extensive apology. In a statement, Lopez said that he was sorry to the people of Venezuela and is committed to working with them to improve their lives.

Fox News fires Bel Lopez

Fox News fires Bel Lopez after controversial comments about Venezuela
After Bel Lopez made some controversial comments about the Venezuelan government on Fox. The network has terminated his contract. In a statement, Fox said that they “do not condone” his remarks and that he had been fired. Lopez issued an apology for his comments on Twitter, saying that he had been “blindsided” by the network’s reaction.


A Venezuelan based fashion designer, issued an apology for comments she made about young people in Venezuela on Instagram. In a now deleted post, Bel Lopez quoted a statistic that 50 percent of Venezuelans are under the age of 25 and said that “most of these kids have no future.” She went on to say that it is “time to start thinking about our children” and called for more responsible parenting in Venezuela. After receiving backlash from social media users, Bel Lopez issued an apology via her Instagram Stories account and posted a statement pledging not to make any more comments about Venezuelan youth. This incident serves as an important reminder that even fashion designers can make statements that contribute to division within society. Rather than commenting on political issues, designers should instead focus on creating clothes that celebrate all people regardless of their sociology economic status.

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